Noctua Text & Translation has extensive experience in translating a wide range of text types: from scholarly publications and legal documents to travel guides and popular non-fiction; from websites and software to seventeenth-century philosophy; from user manuals to brochures and social-media texts.

Achenwall Natural Law English translation Corinna Vermeulen
Translation Latin-US English

Noctua will translate your text according to your specifications concerning style, target audience etc., and deliver an accurate and effective translation on time. We take pride in being creative, but accurate; experienced, but affordable.

Language combinations:

  • Dutch-English (UK, US, international);
  • German-English;
  • Latin-English;
  • English-Dutch;
  • German-Dutch;
  • Latin-Dutch;
  • translations from Italian and French are also possible, depending on the subject matter.

If you have any questions concerning a translation project, please contact us.